As a Track Verzuim user you will have to use a code in addition to your username and password, starting 01-01-2016.
This code will be provided by an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Please follow the steps below to install the app.

You need to follow step 1 to 5 only once and step 6 everytime you login.
1. Install an Authenticator App on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
2. Click on the Forgot key (Sleutel aanvragen) link on the login page to request an e-mail with your personal QR-code.
3. The e-mail you’ll receive will contain a key and a QR code.
4. Scan the QR code with the Authenticator App or manually enter the key.
authenticator-4voorbeeld QR-Code-2
5. After you have entered the key or scanned the QR-code the Authenticator App will display a unique code every 30 seconds. This is the code you need to use to login to Track Verzuim.
6. To login to Track Verzuim enter your usersname (gebruikersnaam) and password (wachtwoord). Now open the Authenticator App and enter the code displayed by the app on the Track Verzuim login page.


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